Football - German Club Manila


In the beginning of 2005, it was decided to start a team playing regularly at the Nomad Sports Club in Merville, Paranaque. Initially, players had to be called up to confirm that at least six football enthusiasts will show up. Nowadays, there are 49 players on the list. This includes former players who have been transferred to other countries but are still in touch with the team.

Today, the football group plays every Monday at Club United, Paranaque City. The intention to play, together with a thirst for a beer (or two) after the practice make them a social team with great camaraderie. Around 15 – 25 people usually show up for about 1- 1 1/2 hours playing.

The team won the ‘Plate’ at the 39th Far East German All Stars Bangkok Football Tournament last April 1-2, 2023. 

Find some pictures from their trip to BKK:

For more information on the German Club Football Team, contact the German Club hotline via 02 8894-2899.